Garden Room (1970s bathroom) 





Remodelling of an 1880s Cottage (with significant alterations in the 1970s)

The 1970s alterations had resulted in an uncomfortable layout with a new staircase within the front reception room and the main bathroom being only accessible through the dining, kitchen, and utility rooms sequence and enjoying the garden views. The remodelling included a narrow toplit side extension* which allowed the relocation of the stairs and made possible the recovery of a typical plan form and layout with the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs;  The former bathroom is now a garden room with a strip of roof lights providing sunlight to complement its northern orientation; The design has sought to incorporate contemporary elements that sit comfortably with the original house while enriching the experience of each room.

*Works on the exterior are in FINCHLEY under the HISTORIC BUILDINGS+CONTEXTS heading

 (planning + design)
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